Meet Denise Fasanello, an amazing friend of mine, a fellow art school grad and a very successful and uber- talented floral artist. In her own words: 

'My fascination is where the trained eye of the artist and the unruly natural world meet. Art history, the decorative arts, fashion, textiles and interior design along with nature's bounty are what feed my work. I believe a fresh, simple approach is usually best yet I can't resist a bit of glamour now and then.' What fascinates me in Denise's work and her artistic process is that seamless merging of art, nature and design, mixing memory and desire, being sensitive to her clients' visions, and always creating something uniquely spectacular.

Her website.

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Each year in the fall I find myself in search of an amazing artist/ illustrator whose work I really admire, and ask them to create a piece about love. It can be completely open ended, not at all literal & would preferably include some element of the animal kingdom. In the previous years it was dancing dog & rabbit, love birds, a rearing horse, some other horses...
My friends always ask: why not use a photograph for the card? Photograph is kind of too expected if you ask me! I really enjoy illustration, whether digital or traditional and find it fun to research and hire a fine artist.
 One of my top fave artists is Vania Zouravljov (his work here), and in the past I commissioned other favorite artists, Jeremy Bastian, Mark Smylie & Zelda Devon- amongst others.
This year was a bit late for me, as few really remarkable people I have approached were too busy to take on another project. The final piece I printed into a card was by a German based artist Catrin Welz -Stein (her blog here)- I found that image on pinterest & loved it so much , that I asked Catrin to let me license it for this one time use. Many of the recipients of my annual Valentine's Day mailing commented on the card- how exquisite, poignant & simply beautiful it was. 2014 V-day card WAS a success!

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January wedding of Lauren & Jordan took place at Capitale, one of the very few New York's top incredible and dreamy wedding locations. The couple was absolutely gorgeous and very much in love, the families were lovely and the festivities rocked the dance floor!
My awesome second shooters were Nadine & Chiu.

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January 13, 2014

Laurie & Peter's wedding was a most lovely & intimate affair. Sweet ceremony held at home, with a handful of closest family, followed by an exquisite dinner, at their friends' restaurant Steve & Cookie's By The Bay in Margate, NJ. 

from Marilyn and Marvin:

Fabulous from beginning to end!

(01.19.14 @ 06:48 PM)
from Anonymous:

Beautiful photos. thank you for the view.


(01.20.14 @ 07:16 PM)
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December 28, 2013

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