I certainly can't complain about a lack of really good looking clients, and Stacey & Matt are no exception. In fact, they are preeety easy on the eyes, and super sweet! They also live in a converted church, very lucky. During their May e-session we strolled around their hometown of Hoboken, visited 'Sybil's Cave', and 'Sinatra's Park' on the water overlooking Manhattan. Good times, and I am even more excited for their wedding!

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My gorgeous April Bride Michelle Arlotta is not *just* a bride- she is also a fabulous wedding photographer & a good friend! Michelle and Brian chose Minerals Resort in woody, mountainous West NJ for their nuptials. The entire day was so much fun- wedding photographers know how to do it right- and all went on without a glitch. Special Thanks to my team: Chiu Mei & Collins Nai- the collection of favorite images from all of us below.
Bridal hair & make -up by the amazing Daleesa Weary!

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As a photographer and a visually acute human being, I am constantly astonished by the beauty that surrounds us in the world. Nowhere was it more apparent than in my home country of Poland I visited a couple of weeks ago. While driving through magnificent villages, walking on the cobblestone of ancient towns, strolling through fields after the rain, and riding on a horseback through some rugged mountain meadows, my head was literally spinning and I tried to absorb and hold on to it all. Props to my trusty iPhone in capturing some of that insane loveliness! 

Special thanks to my Mom and Pan Zbyszek for hosting me in a royal style, to Magda- my fabulous horseback riding instructor from Swietokrzyski Klub Jazdy Konnej, Iza i Piotr from Sosnowy Dwor, a fantastic B & B and horse trekking place in Bieszczady mountains. 

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Right at the beginning of this spring I was fortunate enough to escape icy cold New York, and travel to a true tropical paradise of Riviera Maya to photograph a wedding of Susie and Gavin. This full of personality and very good looking couple tied the knot at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun, among a small circle of their closest Family & Friends. It was wonderful to watch their two cultures coming together ( Parsian versus Irish). My amazing second shooter, Kristin Reimer of Photomuse and myself had such a fantastic time documenting Susie's and Gavin's destination wedding. Selection of images from us both below.

from Kristin Reimer:

Beautiful!!! You did a great job capturing the day Monika!

(04.04.14 @ 08:39 AM)
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Photographing Sara and James' engagement on Tuesday at Grounds For Sculpture was such a fantastic experience! Sara was truly so surprised and beyond thrilled, while James was beaming. Congrats, Guys- well done!

from Sara:

Monika, they came out FANTASTIC! I cried when I saw them. You did such an amazing job capturing the moment! James and I thank you for being such an important part of such a memorable day! Thanks to you, we now have our moment memorialized forever. Thank you just isn't enough!

(03.20.14 @ 11:52 PM)
from James:

Absolutely wonderful, so happy how these turned out. You captured exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you.

(03.23.14 @ 11:56 PM)
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