The wedding of Lisa and Louis, such a fantastic start to the Spring season, was absolutely awesome on so many levels... Lisa and her brother Jeff are my yogi friends, Bride and Groom looked stunning, the personalized DIY details of the day were creative and special, the ceremony was officiated by yet another yoga friend Joe, the venue (Perona Farms) was spectacular, the crowd was wild and fabulous, and of course little Oliver, the son of Lisa and Louis was the belle of the ball!

My (always absolutely amazing) second shooter was Nadine Rovner
Location Perona Farms
Officiant was Joe Gandarillas
Video by Bitcon Productions
DJ was Jay McElfresh

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Brad completely surprised his gorgeous Deondra by proposing to her in front of their mutual families, in a midst of a crowded 'Stanton Social' on a recent Saturday evening... Good job, Brad. Needless to say, the Lady said 'yes!'. 

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......'Our day we hope will be really romantic, but most of all the greatest party of all time. We have a huge 12 piece band coming in and I'm trying to limit any other distractions like photo-booths and what not to ensure that everyone has no choice but to dance! Both Jonny and myself are really laid back and prefer a more candid approach. I hope to get a few classic shots of him and me and our families, but for the most part would like someone to capture the moments I may have been to busy or nervous to catch! The only other thing I can think of is that our families truly are the most important people in our life, so I'd really hope to show all of us together as much as possible.' ....

and this Valentine's Day wedding of Mallory and Jonny was marvelous. Voila!  

Getting ready at New York Palace Hotel, ceremony & reception at Guastavino's.

Amazing second shooter- Nadine Rovner.

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March 1, 2015

Everyone who knows me, knows that a large portion of my life is spent practicing yoga. I therefore always LOVE yoga clients! Especially when it is a very large 'net' of connected studios, and I get to photograph over a hundred teachers, like I recently did for Powerflow Yoga (9 different locations). Despite crazy logistics, it really was a cake job, because yogis tend to be rather cheerful and full of life (not to mention good looking and healthy!).. Some claimed to be 'camera shy' at the start , but i must say that towards the end of the session, they were happy and asking for more ; p 

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February 21, 2015

This past year was incredibly artistically & professionally abundant for me. Fantastic couples, dreamy locations, curious visual situations. I did my best to capture all that beauty, and quirkiness.. Voila!

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