Personality and looks, two ingredients for a successful wedding shoot were so plentiful on that sunny midsummer day! Marta and Josidalgo, a stunning, interesting and fun couple held their wedding reception at one of my top favorite venues- MyMoon in Brooklyn. That converted factory/ warehouse space, with lots of exposed brick, raw metals, gorgeous custom made furnishings, complete with the most romantic outdoor space was enjoyed by all. Little Manolo, Marta and Josidalgo toddler son was a belle of the ball!

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Lauren and Tyler, who met and connected over a shared love of golf, got married on the lush lawn of Castle Hotel in Tarrytown, NY. I found them both to be so endearing in their love bond, and so fun to capture! The party was held in the medieval/ hunting style ballroom complete with high and intricately painted vaulted ceilings, and stained glass windows, that provided such a dramatic and original backdrop for the festivities.
My fabulous second shooter Geri and I loved every minute of capturing Lauren & Tyler's wedding!

from terry neyhart:

stunning! can't wait to see the children of this beautiful couple!

(08.14.14 @ 02:10 PM)
from kathy Straub:

The pictures are the most beautiful than I have ever seen of a wedding. You captured the personality, joy
and love of this charming couple.

(08.15.14 @ 04:31 PM)
from Nancy Flannery:

Amazingly beautiful! Exactly what I expected! Love every photograph, esp the Shotsky!!! Sorry we missed it...Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful and loved filled occasion...I have loved experiencing it vicariously!!! Love and Best Wishes to All!!! n

(10.11.14 @ 10:40 PM)
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I adore my couples' pups, and it's always so much fun to have them be a part of engagement session shoot. Maddie, Lee and their handsome boy Hudson (photographed in Hoboken by the Hudson River) were simply the best! 

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June was a month of the best-est weddings, and Kristin and Kevin's was a cherry on the cake. Amazing, stunning couple, most perfect light, fantastic vibe all through the day! 
I was happy to return to Philly's finest, the Loews hotel for K and K's reception.
Special thanks to my awesome second shooter, and a good friend Nadine Rovner.

from Mike DeStefano:

Monika, I am so happy both of my daughters chose you as the Photographer for their Weddings. You are an extremely talented, hard working perfectionist. I don't know anything about Photography, just what Tracy taught me (which she learned from you). I do know one thing, you are a Genius!!

Mike DeStefano Sr

(07.26.14 @ 10:52 AM)
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What can be better than a hot couple, on a steamy day on the town that sizzles? Jackie and Tom braved the temperatures, and their enthusiasm and love for one another made it such a fun session!

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