January 26, 2013

Just this past Thursday I had the pleasure of teaching a boudoir workshop organized by myself & the amazing Robin Owen. The location we picked was Skylands Manor in Ringwood, NJ. Our students had a chance to try different lighting scenarios, and capture two gorgeous female models in multiple set ups and outfits, as well as work with a real couple, friends of mine who have been married for 10 years! Given my passion for engagement sessions and for photographing couples in love, I especially enjoyed working with Kasia & Maciek. 
Few images below- enjoy!
Robin is conducting a few more workshops soon, so drop her a note of you'd like to participate!

Make-up by Daleesa Weary.
Hair, Torre Somma
Costume accessories by Vanilla Pink

from curatare tapiterii:

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from Peter Max:

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Dilapidated manor house overgrown with ivy, icy cold winding staircases, satin sheets, mossy statuary, dancing under the blooming tree, hip hop music, pillow fight, and a sip of riesling...and a stunning model. That is the experience of a truly successful boudoir session.

Make up and Hair courtesy of the lovely Daleesa Weary.

from Jim Gilson:

Great photography! and bee-you-ti-ful woman!

(05.18.12 @ 12:37 PM)
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Frou -Frou Foxes Bedtime Stories is a collaboration between Monika Broz and fine artist and artistic director Beverley Pattenden. We create exquisite, one of a kind boudoir photography experiences. The images we strive for are seductive and alluring, evocative of glossy paged European fashion magazines. Inspirations include Helmut Newton, David Lachapelle and art cinema .. We work with professional hair & make up artists, scout really fantastic locations and unique props. Enjoy a few images from our last few sessions.. and let us know if we can create something really unique for you!

from brooke Lagstein:

You are so talented! I love your new blog. Awesomeness. xo

(05.14.10 @ 08:45 AM)
from Tabitha Woods Photography:

OMG! Luving your style :) I'm a colour fiend also..... Superb portfolio..so I'v looked you up on FB, be great to see some of your fashion images on there too.
Well done!

(09.06.10 @ 07:04 AM)
from robin owen:

Can't wait to work with you next month!! XO See you soon.

(12.12.12 @ 10:46 PM)
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