Lauren is a fabulous wedding planner, who I had a pleasure of meeting during one of the recent weddings. Lauren, her husband and their unbelievably cute four legged baby Molly (a Golden Doodle) are moving to South Carolina. Our session was a mini goodbye to the place that holds special memories- Lauren & Eric got engaged in Central Park! 

from Cactac Studios:

I like this photography style.It shows the little view of spending different moments.Good work I must say!

(02.20.14 @ 02:35 AM)
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August 3, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Asbury Park, NJ, a small seashore town, filled with interesting remnants of architecture, and quirky, unique characters milling about (do scroll down to see the punk grandma with her mohawk -sporting grandson).
The reason for my visit was to meet and to photograph Baby Max, a new, adorable addition to the family of Coreen & Josh (who I have previously met through one of my wedding clients).
Josh's Parents were also present. 
I fell in love with Coreen & Josh's cat- Levi- and really just wanted to snag him into my bag and take him to brooklyn with me. He is blue in hue, and feels like a very pleasant, warm, suede water bottle.
Max was such a good baby, he did not really cry and slept through most of the shooting : )

from Jim Gilson:

You should do baby sessions more often. I like the baby on the blanket in front of buildings. Also like the whimsical mom in the one picture.

(08.03.13 @ 04:17 PM)
from Gulnara:

I like that the session in not your typical one. As a photojournalist I appropriate the story telling and you did it so well!

(08.03.13 @ 05:21 PM)
from Tammy Ward:

I really enjoyed these moments... thank you for sharing the love!! and the blue picture of eli is a treasure... you are very talented!

(08.03.13 @ 09:54 PM)
from Coreen Ward:

Better than anything I could have dreamed captured us. Even Levi! Hehehe

(08.03.13 @ 10:25 PM)
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Scott wears many hats: he's an award-winning writer, producer, director & creative consultant as well as acclaimed singer-songwriter, guitarist & composer, but most of all he's a really cool guy & such an interesting character. 
Last week on a very hot and sunny day we got together to create some new portraits for his new site- coming soon. Scott sense of style was impeccable, and his attitude was fantastic- didn't mind lugging his gear into the sandy beach, walking in tall, tick infested grasses around abandoned military base, was unfazed about hanging out in a field of cactuses (who knew we had cacti in NJ?). It was such an inspiring session, I hope the images are a good evidence!

from Jillane:

I remember you telling me about this upcoming shoot - what a great job you did!!

(05.31.12 @ 01:39 AM)
from monika:

Thanks Jill : ) ) I hope you are well, and enjoying the married life!

(06.01.12 @ 10:46 PM)
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A couple of weeks ago I got to photograph the very talented Nikki Gregoroff, who is working on her new album.

Gry is a coach to business women around in Norway and beyond. While visiting New York City for a Rich Happy & Hot conference by Marie Forleo , she got together with me for a portrait session. She's so wonderful, spirited, inspiring and fun to be around.. and her positive energy is so contagious!  : )
Gry's natural beauty was enhanced by a minimal make up by my amazing friend and a top NY make up artist Laura Nadeau.

from Gry Sinding:

You were FUN FUN FUN to work with Monika and so happy about the results. Thank you!

(12.02.11 @ 12:36 PM)
from Laura Nadeau:

What a fun shoot! I love Gry's energy - great work Monika.

(12.05.11 @ 09:54 AM)
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