The beginning of winter of 2016 was really super exciting for me! After few days in Florida, where I traveled for an engagement session, I got to spend some time in Jamaica! I was there to capture pre -wedding & wedding celebration for an amazing couple- Limor and David. 
Since David is very much into sailing, the day before the wedding they invited all the guests for a sunset cruise, complete with a snorkeling expedition. The cruise departed from Doctor's Cave Beach- one of the most well known & picturesque spots in Jamaica.
On the wedding day the couple (along with their little girl Liana) got ready at Rosehall Hilton Hotel, and had their first look at a nearby 18th century historic aqueduct, that was such a unique backdrop for the portrait session. The ceremony was held in front of the Rose Hall Great Hall. Now a museum - the mansion holds the legend of the White Witch, who was the wealthy and cruel owner of the estate a few hundred years ago.
Following a cocktail hour in the shade of an ancient majestic tree, reception took place outdoors at Twin Palms court. 
It was such a fun adventure. Thank you to Limor & David for having me document it & a shoutout to Nick White who was shooting with me!

If you happen to travel to Jamaica, do check out Nutmeg Villa (owned by my dear friend Charmaine) as a potential place to stay with your family & friends!! It's the best in Montego Bay.

As a photographer and a visually acute human being, I am constantly astonished by the beauty that surrounds us in the world. Nowhere was it more apparent than in my home country of Poland I visited a couple of weeks ago. While driving through magnificent villages, walking on the cobblestone of ancient towns, strolling through fields after the rain, and riding on a horseback through some rugged mountain meadows, my head was literally spinning and I tried to absorb and hold on to it all. Props to my trusty iPhone in capturing some of that insane loveliness! 

Special thanks to my Mom and Pan Zbyszek for hosting me in a royal style, to Magda- my fabulous horseback riding instructor from Swietokrzyski Klub Jazdy Konnej, Iza i Piotr from Sosnowy Dwor, a fantastic B & B and horse trekking place in Bieszczady mountains. 

April 1, 2013

Danyelle as my heroine : )

from D:

Great photos! Amazing colors and atmospheres captured on these!

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Just this past week I had the pleasure of traveling to Angouleme, a medieval town in Cognac country 'Poitou- Charente', where an international festival of comics and graphic novels is held each year. I documented it for the organizers of the festival and for the American company Archaia publishing. The Festival De La Bande Desinee is always fun and so widely attended, and the added bonus of the trip is lodging at the amazing Le Logis De Puygaty- 15th century fortified farm house estate, picturesquely complete with donkeys, sheep, geese, and owned by the most charming and gracious hosts, Max & Pierre.
After the festival we drove to Normandy, and visited Rennes, Mont St Michel, St. Malo, and a number of smaller villages, each more fabulous that the other...

What an adventure! I just got back from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where I had the pleasure of documenting the first Middle East Film & Comic Con. I traveled with the company Archaia, that publishes really gorgeous graphic novels and was exhibiting at the show. The convention turned out to be a smashing success, attended by thousands of locals, expats living in Dubai, and many foreigners. 
City of Dubai is quite fascinating, some images below show its older parts, and views of the ultra modern downtown seen from Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.