A couple of weeks ago my Love and I traveled to France; he was participating in the largest European comic book/graphic novel festival, seeking French titles to be translated into English & published for American market, while I was documenting the event with my camera. 
One of the highlights, and absolutely memorable experiences of a lifetime was Le Logis De Puygaty, the B & B where we were fortunate to stay for a few nights..Le Logis De Puygaty is a lovingly restored XV century fortified farm, located in Charente Province (cognac country!), 20 minute ride from Angoulême, a beautifully preserved medieval town. 
The owners of Le Logis, Max and Pierre are most charming hosts; their impeccable aesthetic and superb attention to detail is omnipresent, from rustic ladders and other farm equipage adorning guests room to tarnished bathroom mirrors and stone sinks, soft hides under your feet, to medieval style landscaping, authentic door hinges and a wake up call from neighboring donkeys. Infuse it all with some homemade apricot jam, gregorian chants at breakfast, and a hazy mist of a French countryside, and you will never want to go back to normal life, guaranteed : )
Since it was a work getaway for us both, we only had a small window of time to explore our fabulous dwelling and its surroundings. By Max's recommendation, we strolled towards an ancient water spring in the woods that had quite a magical vibe. There wasn't enough time to explore caves with Lascaux like paintings, other restored chateaus, and so many other curious and interesting things in the area, we must go back soon!
And, last but not least- Attention brides to be & wedding planers !- Le Logis De Puygaty hosts WEDDINGS, and quite frankly, it is THE most 'parfait' location for European flavor event!
Last photo of me by Mark Smylie.

from Louise Sherman:

Monika! Beyond beautiful! The website is amazing.... your talent shines through.. so happy for your success.. be blessed, Louise

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from karen lezer:


We are looking for the perfect place to get married in september 2012.
We will have approximately 130 guests.
We would like to welcome them the first evening and get married at the end of the second day.
Please be so kind to send us more information.

Kind regards,


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Last January I got to travel all over Thailand. Tropical hot temperatures, each city block a feast with heavenly and exotic street food offerings, gentle and sweet locals, countless, shimmering temples and luscious natural scenery. A pic of me by a waterfall where we were followed by a stray dog by amazing Mariann Szucs.  : )

from Lorraine Daley:

ahhhh...so gorgeous. transports me there in a moment....

(01.19.11 @ 09:17 AM)
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