The Roundhouse, in Beacon, NY, where Michelle and Marcus tied the knot is a unique, historical property- a former textile mill and a factory, nowadays an upscale/ chic/minimalist/ industrial venue! aside from all these aesthetic qualities that speak to me, Michelle and Marcus are a ton of fun, fantastic and dynamic couple in love, with really awesome Family + Friends, who made sure that M + M's big day was truly an unforgettable party.
Nadine Rovner, my favorite photographer was a second shooter- thanks Nadine!

from George Klein:

The best wedding in history!!

(10.27.15 @ 07:58 AM)
from Marian LIPTON :

Amazing photos of an Amazing Day!

(10.27.15 @ 08:36 AM)
from Liz Cordero:


Absolutely beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing and congratulations to you!!


(10.27.15 @ 09:08 AM)
from Lance Tarhan:

Congratulations you guys!!

(10.27.15 @ 09:33 AM)
from Your Daddio:

Bubbling over with naches - beautiful photos, beautiful memories of a beautiful day for a wonderful couple, their fabulous friends and your proud, happy family!

(10.27.15 @ 10:32 AM)
from Stewart Lassner:

Great pictures of a great day

(10.28.15 @ 06:58 PM)
from Sheila Abrams:

Beautiful photos that captured the joy and wonderful celebration of your marriage. Mazel Tov! May all your days be as happy as this day was! Thank you for sharing them with me.

(11.17.15 @ 04:21 PM)
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Krystal and Justin's wedding at the Yacht Club in Essex, CT happened on the same weekend when the hurricane Joaquin was visiting the east coast. Thankfully all we got were the overcast skies, that added to the picturesque beauty of a coastal town in New England! Krystal and Justin have such a sophisticated fashion style; their wedding was truly one of a kind! My second shooter Geraldine Nelson and I really loved capturing their day.
Wedding was held at Essex Yacht Club
Wedding coordinator was Jennifer of Blue Lane Events -

from Krystal De Lisi:

These pictures are beautiful!! Absolutely stunning! You captured the mood and day with such artistry and prestige. We couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to see the full batch. Thanks for this preview!

(10.16.15 @ 04:54 PM)
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Margot and Sean got married on a sun filled, early -autumn afternoon. This creative, stylish, interesting and fun couple held their wedding reception at one of my top favorite venues- MyMoon in Brooklyn. That converted factory/ warehouse space, with lots of exposed brick, raw metals, gorgeous custom made furnishings, complete with the most romantic outdoor space was enjoyed by all. Margot is a fellow artist/ photographer- I love clients such as her! 
Huge thank you to my second shooter- Nadine Rovner.

from Lisa:

What a beautiful day you had Margot and Sean. Congratulations!

(10.05.15 @ 09:59 PM)
from Margot:

Thank you so much for photographing our wedding day! Absolutely love the style of your shots. You guys really did a superb job!

(10.15.15 @ 01:14 PM)
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Andrea and Chris were simply stunning- first getting ready at a funky and swanky McCarren Hotel in Williamsburg/ Brooklyn, then strolling around the neighborhood & getting married @ amazing My Moon. My fab second shooter Nadine Rovner loved documenting their day. We were super impressed with all the details, and especially fantastic, woodsy designs by Tracey Reynolds of TR Floral Designs
Really good tunes by DV Vida of Scratch Weddings!

Chelsea and Alex chose NYC's Fort Tryon Park, bursting with blooming vegetation, as the location for their nuptials. 
Their sweet ceremony officiated by the couple's friend was held under majestic American elm trees, and reception was hosted by New Leaf Restaurant
My fantastic second shooter Nadine Rovner and I loved the organic, relaxed vibe of Chelsea and Alex's wedding day. Selection of images from us both below!