March 1, 2015

Everyone who knows me, knows that a large portion of my life is spent practicing yoga. I therefore always LOVE yoga clients! Especially when it is a very large 'net' of connected studios, and I get to photograph over a hundred teachers, like I recently did for Powerflow Yoga (9 different locations). Despite crazy logistics, it really was a cake job, because yogis tend to be rather cheerful and full of life (not to mention good looking and healthy!).. Some claimed to be 'camera shy' at the start , but i must say that towards the end of the session, they were happy and asking for more ; p 

A fun change of pace... My recent shoot inspired by Coney Island around Halloween. Huge thanks to my three amazing yogi muses, Stephanie, Kristin and Kate.

Styling/ art direction by brilliant Beverley Pattenden
Make -up & hair by Natasha Shae.
Kate's make up by Stephanie.
Video (soon to come) by Will Star
Lighting by Audi : )
aand...a  special shout out to biker dudes who jumped my car, when the battery died!

A midsummer shoot of a few amazing friends and yogis: Kasia, Katie, Sarah and Chris. Thank you to Seth Weisberg for art direction, and amazing Christopher Ray for his help and assistance!

Ahreum & Andrew are a big part of my wonderful yoga family, so documenting their love was such an enchanting task!
We began at Storm King Art Center , continued through the town of Beacon in Hudson river valley, and arrived at their wedding venue set up at Sun Tao Yoga Studio in Wayne, NJ. Half way though the reception Andrew & Ahreum changed into traditional Korean garb. Some friends from Bamboomoves Yoga were in attendance, and graced the event with asanas.

A + A, enjoy your Appalachian adventure!

from Andrew Tanner:

Monika you are AMAZING!! You made us feel so comfortable and fun the whole time, and your incredible work ethic has produced so many awesome shots. We are so happy you helped capture so many special moments in our wedding. Om Shanti.

(06.04.11 @ 03:50 PM)
from suzie:

You're both so beautiful. these are gorgeous pictures!

(06.06.11 @ 12:47 AM)
from Susan and Steve Tanner:

This is the most amazing wedding art we have ever seen...everyone who has seen them is in awe...have looked at these photos a dozen times and see more each time. Thank you so much for keeping the happy memories alive.

(06.06.11 @ 11:25 AM)
from ahreum han-tanner:

monika, thank you for sharing your talent and simply your awesomeness with us. you are the Lara Croft of kick-ass phtographers! we love you.

(06.06.11 @ 04:19 PM)
from Erica H:

Tears in my eyes. Beautiful.

(06.06.11 @ 06:06 PM)
from Jisun Yoon:

WOW, these are absolutely beautiful pictures!* (for two people with beautiful hearts -Ah reum and Andrew, you guys make an awesome couple!)

(06.06.11 @ 07:02 PM)
from Takami:

Beautiful photos of 2 wonderful people.

(06.10.11 @ 10:20 PM)
from nikki:

사진이 너무 멋져요,, 저도 한국인인데
결혼하신 신부님이 한국분인것같아서 이렇게 한글로 몇자 적어봅니다.
저도 곧 결혼하는 예비신부인데 요가아사나를 하면서 웨딩포토를 찍어보고싶었거든요
검색하다가 여기까지 들어왔네요 ^^ 즐거운 하루되세요!

(03.25.13 @ 01:29 AM)
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Just a few recents from my latest cherry blossom yoga shoot with amazing Kristen Brunello of Garden State Yoga. Hair & Make up by Torre Somma. Dress by Lisa Krizner George of Vanilla Pink.

from Lucija:


(10.02.13 @ 07:47 PM)
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